Charlie Rocks His New 'Stache

Monday, December 28, 2009

This was our first Christmas with having Charlie as a part of the family. As silly as it may be, I was so excited to wrap up a present for him under the tree (a big bag o' bones, of course!).

But, of course, Charlie helped me with some of the Christmas wrapping for Steve. He's always happy to lend a paw.

But, never did I guess that my sister would complete out-do me and buy Charlie a way cooler present! He was presented with his very own handlebar mustache.

The mustache is actually a toy to play fetch with as it's attached to a rubber when Charlie grabs the ball, it looks like he grew a fancy schmancy mustache.

Unfortunately, our photo shoot with the mustache was a wee bit trying. Charlie would much rather try and chew on the ball than look at me like a goof. So we gave him a little extra help in the posing department!

Doesn't that mustache perfectly enhance Charlie's big foxhound shnaz?

We had such a fabulous, relaxing and snowy Christmas. I hope you had the happiest of holidays and that Santa brought you something just as fabulous as Charlie's mustache!


Keg Design said...

yeah, love the new blog and design! :)

MayLove said...

A customer of my fiance's company makes that mustache (and lots of other doggie/cat toys), so we're proud owners of one of the first doggie stache's. It took a long time for our pup to warm up to it, but now she loves it! It's so funny to watch them play with it, with the giant stache face!

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